Swix T75 Waxing Table


A handy work bench for use at home or on the go.


Swix T75 Waxing Table

The Swix T75 Waxing Table is ideal for your home waxing setup, or for travelling to events and races. It is easy to fold up, store, and transport. It has four rubber feet for anti slip, one of which is adjustable for better stability on uneven surfaces. And the table can accommodate two waxing profiles. Adjustable height: 87 cm, 85 cm or 75 cm. Table top 120 cm x 35 cm. Net. weight: 11 kg/24 lbs.

There are a few options for profiles that you can use on this table: The T0766 which slots into the ends of the table itself; the T767-3 which clamps onto the table; and the Travel Profile set. Take your pick!


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