Swix T767-3 Waxing Profile


A high-quality waxing profile that can be used on a bench or free-standing.


Swix T767-3 Waxing Profile

The Swix T767-3 Waxing Profile is versatile and can be clamped to the T75 Waxing Table or a regular table/work bench with the optional Swix T790K Clamps ($70). Alternatively, the T79-1 Leg Kit ($130) gives you a free-standing ski profile to wax on. It is stable, light, and easy to adjust. It has the same profile in front and back for use both ways. It breaks down into smaller parts for transport. Each part is approx. 110 cm. Takes skis from 150 cm to 210 cm. Fits to T0079-1 legs or T0790-K clamps (both sold separately). Weight 1,8 kg/ 4 lb.

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