Swix Triac 4.0 Aero Pole


Probably the stiffest and most aero-dynamic pole on the market! Bred to win races.


Swix Triac 4.0 Aero

Swix Triac 4.0 Aero is the result of continuous research, testing, analysis, experimental trials and process improvements. Performance and nothing else has been the focus. The new tube has a complete new cross section giving optimum stiffness properties and reduced wind drag. Stiffness is increased with more than 15% versus its predecessor Triac 3.0. Wind tunnel testing confirms up to 20% reduced drag coefficient in critical areas of the tube compared to tubes with a cylindrical cross section. The Swix Triac Aero is 100 % adoptable to the Swix TBS and TCS systems allowing top performance in all possible conditions.

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