Swix Waxing Brushes


A waxing brush for every occasion. Make sure you have the right tools for the job to get the most out of your skis!


Swix Waxing Brushes

We carry a broad range of Swix Waxing Brushes for everything from cleaning out the structure of the base to polishing up your top coat of race wax. A well prepped and finished base will get better performance and longevity out of your skis, so make sure you get the right tools for the job. Each brush has a fairly unique role in the waxing process:

Brush Types

Steel – $70

The most aggressive brush we stock. Useful when dealing with harder cold temperature waxes and when you really want to clean out old wax from the structure of your ski base.

Coarse Bronze – $40

A step down in stiffness from the steel brush, the coarse bronze brush still offers deep cleansing capabilities whilst being more gentle on the base.

Medium Bronze – $40

Our best selling cleaning brush. Stiff enough to get into all the grooves  of the base without being overly aggressive.

All Purpose Nylon – $20

If you’re on a tight budget and aren’t too concerned with a high-quality finish then this brush is for you. It’ll clean and polish reasonably well.

Combi Bronze/Nylon – $30

A step up from the All Purpose Nylon brush, this combi brush features a bronze half for cleaning and a nylon half for polishing.

Fine Nylon – $30

The go-to brush for polishing your base after waxing and getting a great finish to maximize glide.

Horse Hair – $25

This is the brush you’ll want if you’re dealing with high-end racing waxes and pure fluoro powders.

Additional information

Waxing Brushes

Steel, Bronze, Nylon, Fine Nylon, Combi, Horse Hair


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