Think Six Surfski


The newest addition to the Think Surfski family. This is a great intermediate level boat for fun in all conditions.


Think Six

Fast, stable, efficient, comfortable! The Think Six is the direct result of their experience with the Zen and Ion, combining the best attributes of both to create an outstanding craft.

The design criteria required high initial stability, so the Six has a reasonably flat hull under the bucket and extending towards the stern (unlike the rounded design profile of the Evo). The rocker line is tuned to perform well in downwind conditions, without surrendering speed in the flats. The paddle entry cutaways remain close to vertical, minimizing the amount of water entering the footwell in rough conditions.

In the ergonomics department, the Six inherits the extremely comfortable seat from the Gen 3 Ace. Slightly wider than earlier models, there is ample room for rotation and leg drive. The base of the seat is placed well above the footwell, with a low hump under the knees, creating a strong position to apply power.

The Think Six comes standard with bow and stern handles, side carry handles, quick-adjust footboard, Q-Powerline rudder line, and DeBrito bailer.

Available in two construction options: Performance (Fiberglass), and Elite (Carbon/Kevlar)


Length 19′ 8″
Width 19″
Weight Performance 31lbs
Elite 26.5lbs
Capacity 120 – 230 lb (55 – 105 kg)


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Performance, Elite


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