Vaikobi V Cold Flex Top


Maximise your paddling season with the Vaikobi V Cold Storm Top – combining warm panels with breathable sections to keep you warm while you paddle in the colder winter weather.


No excuses! Paddle in any conditions with the Vaikobi V-Cold Storm Top

The Vaikobi V Cold Storm top is ergonomically designed for maximum paddle performance in cool to cold conditions. Now you’ve got no excuse to paddle with the new release of the this fantastic paddling top.

The innovative V Cold Technology from Vaikobi’s allows your body to breathe when required whilst maintaining an optimum body temperature level for maximum performance. And as with all Vaikobi pieces, it is Super Stretchy, Super Light & Super Comfortable!

The Vaikobi V Cold Storm Top features a large seamless Hydro Fleece panel under each arm, and down the side of the body and is designed for maximum comfort and freedom of movement whilst paddling.


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