Veriga Mount Track Crampons


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Keep your grip while out on the snow and ice!

The Veriga Mount Track super-stretchy crampons feature a quality twist link stainless steel chain on the sole and high quality heat treated steel points for an efficient grip while you’re out walking on the snow and ice. You simply fit them over your footwear and tighten them with the strap.

They are both discreet and comfortable, and storing them is easy thanks to the convenient carrying case with a belt attachment so you can take them on and off while you’re out and about. The Veriga Mount Track Crampons are designed for snowy and icy terrain, as well as for lawn mowing on steep terrain, logging, fishing, and hunting but NOT for extreme mountaineering.

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  1. Fran

    I bought Medium for my 8.5 hiking boots. I made sure they fit well in the store before I got them. Tried them out on hard packed snow on Mount Seymour- Dog Mountain Trail and they worked great. With a set of trekking poles, I was able to handle the steeper peaks. The spikes dug in, and traction was good. No slipping unless I was in deeper loose snow. It was a great feeling of freedom walking in comparison to snowshoes. Easy on and off. Just made sure I didn’t step on exposed tree roots. Love the case it comes with too!

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