Werner Baja 2pc. Kayak Paddle


A great paddle from Werner offering their expert design at a more modest price.

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Werner Baja

The Werner Baja has a mid-sized low angle blade making it great for new entrants to kayak touring.

The injection molded blades are based on the designs of Werner’s higher end paddles to offer a good catch and a stable feeling in the water. The shaft is made of fiberglass to keep it light and stiff, and the blades are made of nylon for rigidity and durability.

The shaft has a three hole push button ferrule (45 degree L, Zero, 45 degree R) so anyone can use this paddle and feel comfortable. It also breaks into two pieces for easy transport and storage, and makes a great back-up paddle stored on your kayak deck.


Construction: Fiberglass/Nylon
Length: 220cm, 230cm, 240cm
Weight ~1049g
Blade Size: 605 cm2


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