Werner Rip Stick SUP Paddle


The Werner Rip Stick is designed for stand up paddle surfers who want to get more power with the advantages that a smaller blade gives you.


Finally – the Rip Stick is a paddle created specifically for SUP Surfers!

The Rip Stick is designed by paddle experts Werner specifically for stand up paddle surfers. It comes in two sizes, the 79 sq in blade and the 89. Both are pretty small for surfing – traditionally surfers have preferred the power that comes from a bigger blade to get the speed needed for catching the waves. BUT to get a higher cadence of stroke rate, paddlers need a smaller blade.

So – the Rip Stick has been developed with an innovative double concave dihedral in the power face of the smaller blade. The power pockets created by the dihedral mean paddlers can accelerate into more waves, outrace outside sets and blast over the foam piles! The double concave shape of the blade face creates a super stable stroke as well as creating more power so you can be creative with your paddle stroked and angles you need while on the wave, and while chasing it.

The angle of the blade is set at a “unique 7 degree blade to shaft offset”, has a softer overall flex and comes in a two-piece option so you can adjust depending on conditions.


Blade Surface Area Pieces Blade Length x Width Weight Ounces Length Range
79″ Performance Adjustable 7.25in x 15.75in 19.75 oz. 74″ – 81.5″ | 80″ – 87.5″
89″ Performance Adjustable 7.75in x 16.25in 20 oz. 74″ – 81.5″ | 80″ – 87.5″


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