Werner Shuna Fiberglass Kayak Paddle


A great paddle known for its performance and versatility.


Werner Shuna Fiberglass

The Werner Shuna Fiberglass is a perfect match for active and relaxed high angle paddlers alike. It has a mid size blade and offers reliable and functional performance during advanced maneuvers and strokes. Overall the Shuna is Werner’s most popular high angle touring design.


  • Premium Performance gives you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability.
  • Mid-sized high angle blades fit the widest range of paddlers.
  • Optimized flex and strength. Choose our carbon blend Straight or carbon weave Neutral Bent shaft in Standard Diameter or Small Diameter.
  • Brightly colored translucent fiberglass laminate blades in solids or HD Graphics. New for 2016 this color scheme pops on the water with out Swellz-Blue option. Be the first in your town to get one.
  • Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, a core philosophy for Werner.
  • Custom shaped, low profile, reinforcement spine allows for enhanced blade maneuverability when linking several strokes and provides blade stiffness and overall strength.
  • The Smart View Adjustable ferrule is the most simple, precise fitting on the market. The solid feel of a 1-piece paddle and nothing to snag your gear. (US Patent # 6881111 )


Construction: Fiberglass
Length: Various/ Blade surface area 610sq cm
Width: Blade: 46 x 18cm/Orange
Weight: 822g (29oz)


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