Werner Trance Carbon SUP Paddle


Three options depending on your needs for this awesome SUP paddle from Werner.


Werner Trance

One piece, two piece, or three piece paddle from experts Werner

The Werner Trance has all the balance and buoyancy you’d expect with an advanced full carbon layup, achieving staggeringly low weights. If you want to go further, faster and stay on the water longer the 439g ounce weight, along with smooth stable strokes is going to make the Trance a must have. With its amazing feel on the water and the super light weight, this is an elite paddle for the discerning paddler.

One piece: $400

Two Piece: $455

Three piece: $475

  • The longer, rectangular, slender design is easier on the body with a more gentle catch. Higher cadence and less fatigue without sacrificing blade size and power.
  • The volume of a buoyant deigned carbon blade creates an exceedingly light feel. This POPS the blade from the water for effortless forward strokes and confident bracing. A smooth back face is quiet and helps to make linking turning strokes easy.
  • These versatile paddles have a 10 degree shaft to blade offset. Designed to keep the blade more vertical through the power phase, it benefits your forward paddling, but still gives the surfer a good compromise in the waves.
  • Dihedral, the ridge down the middle of the power face, allows for smooth and stable forward paddling. A core philosophy for Werner.
  • With decades of experience in blade lamination, Werner’s edge guard specific to their Ultimate Versatile use blades is designed to be super thin, creating a knife like feel in and out of the water. Impact and abrasion resistant for these models intended usage.
  • Countless hours of testing developed an optimized flex and strength. With attention to detail and full carbon construction you feel comfort all day, all year, without sacrificing power or confidence.
Construction: 100% Carbon
Weight: 439-617g
Blade Size: 85 or 95in2


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Shaft Pieces

One Piece, Two Piece, Three piece