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Icebreaker Merino Wool

Our collection of Merino Wool clothing from Icebreaker gives you a wide range of pieces to cover you from summer through to winter. From cool tanks and shorts for the summer, to dresses and shirts for evening wear, from warm socks and base layer to jackets and hats for the winter, we have something for every season. It insulates to keep you warm in the cold, but also wicks moisture and breathes in heat; you can’t find a more versatile product.

Merino Wool is the wonder clothing that comes from nature – specifically from the New Zealand merino sheep that can live in extreme temperatures due to the unique nature of its wool. Also, because of the natural fibres it doesn’t stink up like man-made products, AND it doesn’t crease so is perfect for traveling where you might not be able to wash your clothes too often. What more do we have to tell you – come check out our collection!

You can also find out more about Icebreaker Merino by clicking here.

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