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Jackets for Jasper

Jackets for Jasper at Coast Outdoors

Coast Outdoors has now been supporting Jackets for Jasper for five years, giving them retail space to display samples of the jackets, and holding Pop Up Shops a couple times a season.

Preparing for their Last Season

Jackets for Jasper are madly preparing for this coming autumn. This will be their last season before they close up shop and they want to help all their faithful customers obtain exactly what they want before they’re gone.

So, things will be a little different this season. They are still selling their remaining in-stock jackets AND will be making jackets and vests to-order based on the fabrics available in Kathmandu.

Click here to browse their in-stock items OR to have a jacket or vest made-to-order. 

The Jackets for Jasper Story

In 2011, Liz & Len traveled to and through Nepal, and were touched by the story of their guide Kamal and his family and their efforts to send their children to school. On their return, they decided they would design and sell hand-made lightweight down jackets made in Kathmandu, Nepal. Kamal and wife Nanu would help us by being their team in Nepal, and Liz & Len would be responsible for importing and selling the jackets here in Canada.

Every cent of the profit from these jackets will go to fund the education of Resmi and Jasper so they can go to school. Every cent. Help support Jackets for Jasper by buying down jackets and spreading the word! You can find out more about Jackets for Jasper by visiting their website here.

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