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  1. XC Tuesday Night Race – March 6th

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    One of the more popular events is the Biathlon race held each season. Contrary to certain people’s ideas, we don’t shoot rifles down ski school flats during lessons! (Although that might be an interesting experience for both the athletes and the moving targets!) A much safer range uses hockey balls and plastic bins, with Range Officer Bruno keeping an eye on scores and collecting errant balls.

    This time we gave our younger racers a shorter course, cutting off the trip to the bottom,  but we didn’t distinguish that in the results, so the adult handicap is not documented. The results speak for themselves, with Eli, Aidan, Ryan, Dustin, Quinn, Lucas, Oliver and Eamon crushing Fran and Blakely. Julia even beat Evgeniy! This shows how well our young racers are improving!

    Remember the final race has a banquet of pulled pork and refreshment. Register by midnight Sunday at Webscorer here:

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  2. XC Tuesday Night Race – February 20th

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    The battle was on for the fastest racer tonight, and with an interval start you never know quite where you are compared to your opponent. In this case Max and Cam fought it out to the last metre with Max winning by a finger tap. I think they both deserve a gold medal. In the “Old Guy” category, David K had a very respectable time. Our fastest female was Barb at less than a minute behind David. Bruno won the Classic category by acclamation. Maya had her fastest personal time yet, with Anne Marie leading her fairly safely around the course. (There was a bit of snow on Maya that didn’t fall off a tree!)
    For our younger racers, Lucas had a very impressive performance, with Oliver hot on his heels. Anna made a great showing and big cheers to Emilie and Myka who stuck it out in the cold and completed the full loop!

  3. XC Tuesday Night Race – February 28th

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    Under fresh falling snow our hearty racers made their way around one or two laps of the standard course. This was a good turnout for the second last race. Excellent recovery from an impressive performance at the P’ayak Loppet.

  4. XC Tuesday Night Race – 21 February 2017

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    46 racers took part in this week’s Tuesday Night Race – everyone was in a great mood with fast conditions and excitement building as it is the P’ayak at Whistler Olympic Park on Saturday! GOOD LUCK to everyone taking part.

    Here’s a few great shots taken by Viviane on Tuesday too!

    Results from last night are below:

  5. XC Tuesday Night Race – Jan 24th, 2017

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    After a week off from your Tuesday Night Race last week it was back to it tonight with two laps of classic or skate.

    58 racers tonight who all pulled out great performances. See you all next week!

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