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Coast Outdoors is a outrigger canoe retailer providing high quality customer service to help customers of any experience level find best OC to suit their needs.

Allwave OC Fluctus Leggera
Allwave OC
Fluctus Leggera
The Allwave Fluctus takes the best features from the Mito, but with added volume...
C$5,750.00 C$5,750.00 C$4,025.00 C$4,025.00
Allwave OC Mito Leggera
Allwave OC
Mito Leggera
The Allwave Mito is an all round outrigger for all water conditions, from lakes ...
C$5,750.00 C$5,750.00 C$4,025.00 C$4,025.00
Quickblade Ono Ava Hybrid Double Bend - Uncut
Ono Ava Hybrid Double Bend - Uncut
The Ono Ava features a double bend oval tapered laminated wood shaft with a carb...
C$499.00 C$499.00
Quickblade Toa Hoe Hybrid Double Bend - Uncut
Toa Hoe Hybrid Double Bend - Uncut
The smooth elegant lines of this blade allow it to have the cleanest catch and e...
C$499.00 C$499.00
Quickblade Stingray All Carbon OC Paddle
Stingray All Carbon OC Paddle
The Stingray is a revolutionary new shape that will change the paddling world as...
C$599.00 C$599.00
Allwave OC Mito Duo Leggera
Allwave OC
Mito Duo Leggera
The Allwave Mito Duo is an all round two-person outrigger for all water conditio...
C$7,500.00 C$7,500.00 C$5,250.00 C$5,250.00
Allwave OC Tiare Leggera
Allwave OC
Tiare Leggera
The Tiare’ is one of the latest models to join the Allwave Outrigger fleet. Desi...
C$5,750.00 C$5,750.00 C$4,025.00 C$4,025.00
Hippo Stick HART ATTACK - 107 sq." - Double Bend Shaft
Hippo Stick
HART ATTACK - 107 sq." - Double Bend Shaft
A large blade for more power in your stroke.
C$450.00 C$450.00
Allwave OC Libra Leggera
Allwave OC
Libra Leggera
The new Libra was designed as a lower volume downwinder OC compared to the Allwa...
C$5,750.00 C$5,750.00 C$4,025.00 C$4,025.00
Allwave OC Dragon Ibrida
Allwave OC
Dragon Ibrida
The Allwave Dragon was designed to fulfill the dragon boating community needs wh...
C$4,250.00 C$4,250.00 C$2,975.00 C$2,975.00
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Outrigger Canoes for Sale

Outrigger canoes (or OCs) have a long history, originating in Southeast Asia before gaining popularity farther East in the Pacific Islands, such as Hawaii. They feature a main hull, where the paddler(s) sits, which is supported on one side by a second, smaller hull called an ama. The seat is quite high compared to kayaks and surfskis, which provides greater mechanical advantage for paddling. The ama helps to stabilise the OC. Here at Coast Outdoors we have a range of outrigger canoes available from Allwave OC to suit the needs of any paddler, regardless of experience. From stable recreational boats, to high-end racing and downwinding machines, and even tandem outrigger canoes (OC2).

What Outrigger Canoe is Right for Me?

OCs come in several different styles and sizes which affect how the boat handles and what environment it is best suited for. So, with all these options, how do you chose the right OC? Our knowledgeable staff can help you narrow down your search, so feel free to Contact Us with any questions. To get you started on your journey and point you in the right direction, take a look at the following information:

Mito OC1

The Mito is Allwave's allrounder OC1 built to excel in all conditions. Whether you're enjoying a long flat water paddle, or playing in the bumps, this outrigger canoe will perform well.

Fluctus OC1

The Fluctus takes the design of the Mito and adds a little more rocker and volume to help it perform even better in bumps and downwind conditions.

Tiare OC1

The Tiare takes the allrounder concept of the Mito and presents it in a smaller package for enhanced maneuverability and easier storage and transportation.

Libra OC1

The Libra is the lower volume sibling of the Fluctus. The seat is also located further forward for improved control in rough water.

Mito Duo OC2

The Mito Duo is a tandem outrigger canoe for two paddlers. Great for introducing new paddlers to the sport, or for two experienced paddlers to combine their power and crush the competition!

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