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P&H Sea Kayaks Virgo CoreLite X
P&H Sea Kayaks

Virgo CoreLite X

The Virgo is a compact but uncompromising sea kayak for weekend warriors.

IN ..
Up to 10%
P&H Sea Kayaks Cetus Perf. Kevlar/Diolen
P&H Sea Kayaks

Cetus Perf. Kevlar/Diolen

The Cetus is the ultimate ocean expedition platform.

C$5,961.00 C$5,364.90
P&H Sea Kayaks Leo - CoreLite X
P&H Sea Kayaks

Leo - CoreLite X

At around 16' in length, and drawing influence from the Scorpio and Virgo, the L..
new colours
P&H Sea Kayaks Volan Perf. Kevlar/Diolen
P&H Sea Kayaks

Volan Perf. Kevlar/Diolen

The Volan is the ultimate lightweight, highly versatile day/weekend touring sea ..
Eddyline Kayaks Sitka ST
Eddyline Kayaks

Sitka ST

The Eddyline Sitka ST is a lightweight, maneuverable, high-performing day tourin..
Old Town Sorrento 106sk
Old Town

Sorrento 106sk

The Old Town Sorrento is a stable day touring recreational kayak featuring a dr..
Eddyline Kayaks Fathom
Eddyline Kayaks


Designed for optimum efficiency and control, the flagship Eddyline Fathom tourin..
Aqua Bound Sting Ray Carbon 2pc. Posi-Lok
Aqua Bound

Sting Ray Carbon 2pc. Posi-Lok

Featuring Aqua Bounds’ exclusive fiberglass-infused ABXII blade and an all car..
P&H Sea Kayaks Delphin II 155 - CoreLite X
P&H Sea Kayaks

Delphin II 155 - CoreLite X

The Delphin 155 MKII builds on the foundation of the original Delphin to create ..
Sale -20%
Used Delta 15.5 - Yellow - #93

Used Delta 15.5 - Yellow - #93

Pre-loved Delta 15.5 from our rental fleet.

*Example images only. Actual pro..
C$2,495.00 C$1,995.00
Eddyline Kayaks Whisper CL
Eddyline Kayaks

Whisper CL

The Eddyline Whisper CL tandem glides through the water effortlessly and its lig..
Epic Kayaks GPX Ultralight
Epic Kayaks

GPX Ultralight

The Epic GPX suits a broad range of kayakers with its perfect blend of stability..
Epic Kayaks V5 Rotomolded
Epic Kayaks

V5 Rotomolded

The Epic V5 boasts excellent stability, allowing beginners to jump on and paddle..
Epic Kayaks 18X Sport Ultralight
Epic Kayaks

18X Sport Ultralight

The Epic 18X Sport is a high performance touring kayak designed for intermediate..
Seals Seals Shocker Neo Sprayskirt

Seals Shocker Neo Sprayskirt

The Shocker is ideal for rougher paddling conditions such as surfing, rock garde..
Brooks Brooks Neoprene Adjustable Sprayskirt

Brooks Neoprene Adjustable Sprayskirt

A neoprene spray skirt with a relaxed fit for recreational paddlers...
Eddyline Kayaks Sitka LT
Eddyline Kayaks

Sitka LT

The Eddyline Sitka LT is a lightweight, maneuverable, high-performing day tourin..
Sale -58%
Used Old Town Castine 145 - Red- #14

Used Old Town Castine 145 - Red- #14

Pre-loved kayak from our rental and demo fleets.

*Example images only. Actua..
C$2,949.99 C$1,250.00
coming soon
Old Town Sportsman PDL 106
Old Town

Sportsman PDL 106

The Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 pedal kayak provides hands free cruising in a per..
Epic Kayaks V5 Ultra
Epic Kayaks

V5 Ultra

The Epic V5 boasts excellent stability, allowing beginners to jump on and paddle..
Epic Kayaks V8 Performance
Epic Kayaks

V8 Performance

The Epic v8 is fast, yet extremely stable, this is a surfski that most kayakers ..
Aquaglide Chelan 155 Inflatable Kayak

Chelan 155 Inflatable Kayak

A true tandem inflatable kayak for touring, the Chelan 155 is optimized for hull..
Eddyline Kayaks Sandpiper 130
Eddyline Kayaks

Sandpiper 130

Based on the classic Sandpiper, the Eddyline Sandpiper 130 has been extended to ..
Eddyline Kayaks Rio
Eddyline Kayaks


The Eddyline Rio is designed for smaller-framed paddlers looking for a recreatio..

Kayaks for Sale

Here at Coast Outdoors we have a huge range of kayaks available to suit the needs of any paddler, regardless of experience. From recreational boats to explore your local lakes, to high-end touring kayaks for serious ocean expeditions, and even inflatable kayaks for easy storage and portability.

What Kayak is Right for Me?

Kayaks come in many different styles, sizes, and constructions and these factors all affect how the boat handles and what environment it is best suited for. So, with all these options, how do you chose the right kayak? Our knowledgeable staff can help you narrow down your search, so feel free to Contact Us with any questions. To get you started on your journey and point you in the right direction, take a look at the following information:

Recreational Kayaks

These kayaks prioritise stability and ease of use, so anybody can paddle them and have a blast! Being shorter and wider improves maneuvering and stability, so you can focus on enjoying your environment without worrying about capsizing. Recreational kayaks also typically feature more comfortable outfitting, with more cushioned seats, higher seatbacks, and a roomier cockpit area.

See: Recreational Kayaks, and Sit on Top Kayaks

Day Touring Kayaks

When you're looking to go on short day trips and over-nighters, these kayaks are the way to go. Still very stable and maneuverable, however, these kayaks are longer and have much larger storage hatches in the bow and stern for carrying gear for your excursion.

See: Day Touring Kayaks

Touring Kayaks

When you need peak efficiency and storage capacity, you want a full touring kayak. The extra length helps these sea kayaks glide and track much better, to get you from point A to point B faster and with less wasted energy. 

See: Touring Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks

These are the ideal kayaks for many city dwellers due to the compact size for storage and transport. Inflatable kayaks are also great for hiking in to hidden lakes where you wouldn't be able to take a rigid boat. Incredibly stable and easy to paddle and they inflate in a matter of minutes.

See: Inflatable Kayaks

How to Choose a Kayak Paddle

Kayaks paddles, much like kayaks themselves, come in different styles, sizes, and construction types. The type of kayak paddle you choose will be based on several factors, such as your personal paddling style and intended paddling environment, your height, the style and width of your boat, and your budget. 

Kayak paddlers typically fall into one of two (or somewhere between) categories with their paddle stroke: low-angle or high-angle. A kayak paddler with low-angle stroke will have a more relaxed technique, keeping their hands below chest-level and planting their blade at a more horizontal angle, whereas a paddler a with a high-angle stroke will usually have a more aggressive stroke, with their top hand coming up to shoulder-height and the blade entering the water more vertically. A low-angle stroke requires less energy and your pace can be maintained for a longer periods, whilst a high-angle stroke takes more effort, but generates more power and speed.

Low-angle kayak paddle example
Werner Kalliste
High-angle kayak paddle example
Werner Cyprus

Your preferred paddling environment will also help you decide whether you need a low-angle or high-angle kayak paddle. Casual lake paddlers, kayak anglers, and long distance kayakers will appreciate the low impact of a low-angle paddle. Paddlers venturing into rough waters, surf, or just enjoy a workout will prefer the performance of a high-angle paddle.

Now that you have an idea of what style of paddle you need, you're probably wondering how to size your paddle. Low-angle paddles will be longer than high-angle paddles, and your height and the width of your kayak will also factor into deciding your ideal length. Some paddles have adjustable length options, so if you have multiple boats, or different-sized people will be using the paddle, an adjustable paddle is for you! As a rough length guide, see the charts below:

Height/WidthUnder 23"23" to 28"28"-32"Over 32"
Under 5'210cm220cm230cm240cm
5' to 5'6"215cm220cm230cm240cm
5'6" to 6'+220cm220cm230cm240cm+
Height/Width25" & UnderOver 25"
Under 5'1"200cm210cm
5'1" to 5'4"205cm215cm
5'4" to 6'+210cm220cm

Paddle constructions affect the feel and functionality of the paddle. All of our kayak paddles separate into at least two pieces for easy transport and storage, however, some paddles separate into four pieces, which is ideal for use with an inflatable kayak as you can store the paddle in the bag with the boat when it's packed up, or if you want a compact spare paddle to bring on expeditions. The different materials used for paddle blades and shafts determine its stiffness and performance. On the more budget-friendly end you have nylon blades paired with a fiberglass or carbon shaft, then you move into fiberglass blades with a carbon shaft, and for the best performance and lightest weight you have full carbon paddles.

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