5 Reasons to switch to Nordic

5 Reasons to switch to Nordic

By: Buzz Harries Comments: 0

If you’re an alpine skiier or snowboarder considering a switch to Nordic, here’s 5 good reasons to do it this season:

1. No lifts = more space

Unlike alpine skiing, there’s no chair lift! This means less people gathering in 1 spot and makes it a lot easier to physically distance!

2. Keep that festive belly fat away!

Christmas dinner is awesome. But, did you know that an average Christmas dinner racks up a whopping 5200 calories… Conveniently, you can burn those excess calories while cross country skiing! You’ll torch between 600 to 1000 calories with every hour you ski! This sport means you can enjoy the turkey, pudding and beers – guilt free!!

3. Lower risk of injury

Pandemic or not, nobody likes a visit to the hospital. Thankfully, nordic skiing has a lower risk of injury than alpine. Stay injury free and healthy this season!

4. It’s cheaper than alpine

If you head in store at Coast Outdoors, you can leave with a full set up including skis, bindings, boots and poles from $345!

Skate package (skis, bindings, boots & poles + free wax) $660 (ext tax)

Classic package (skis, bindings, boots & poles + free wax) $345 (ext tax)

5. You’ll find decent parking spots

You won’t need to catch a bus from the car park to the slopes. Just turn up, get your gear on and enjoy! Call in today! Open 10-6pm, 7 days a week. We have a big selection of skis, boots, poles, apparel and accessories in store. ⁠⁠

We’re located:

352 Lynn Ave, North Vancouver, V7J 2C5⁠


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